One Piece: Legends

Episode 13: Poisonous Waters and Deadly Socks

“What do you see Fluffy?” KG calls up to the Crow’s nest.

“Mew!” Which roughly translates to “Pretty purple clouds, and lizard rain.”

Beta sighs, wondering why people are even waiting on a report from the cat. She quickly climbs the mast to get a better look. Aiming her rifle towards the horizon, she peers through her rifle scope. “It appears like purple clouds are coming from the ocean, then lizards come raining down shortly after.”

Bubba appears, net in hand and ready to catch dinner, “Kydd, get ready to make some lizard soup tonight! Looks like food IS going to hop on deck!” Magnus passes on the idea, “Wierd weather? Looks like time for my daily nap.”

Davy Jones clarifies the phenomenon to Beta, “The Calm Belt is notorious for being a Sea King spawning ground. The poisonous bubbles of the Ocean Swamp on the way to the surface catch nearby sea king spawn and release them into the air. They’re usually rather hungry being kids and all. If we hit a poisonous gas pocket, could mean trouble.”

Beta shivers, “Geez ocean, you scary.”

Davy waves his hand like he was slashing a sword, drawing everyone’s attention, “Everyone below deck! You don’t want to be directly exposed to that toxin. The sea king spawn can stand it, but its deadly to us who normally breathe air. KG, you have to steer the ship through here.” The robot salutes and gives his most motivated “Aye Aye!” Fluffybeard climbs down and seals himself up in his guardian’s chest compartment while everyone else descends below.

Trying his best to analyze the ocean currents KG fearlessly steers the ship, but he concludes that for the most part, these clouds are unpredictable. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

As the Eternity Rose sails through Ocean Swamp, three poison clouds hit the ship and three more are barely dodged. A toxic fog lingers around the ship, but it doesn’t phase the robot in the slightest. When the purple fog finally starts to clear, KG notices the ship has plenty of hungry creatures on deck. However, they don’t pay him any mind and seem much more interested in a bowl of barely touched soup.

It doesn’t take long before a bigger lizard scares away the smaller ones fighting over food rights, lapping up the contents in a single lick. Such a tiny meal did not satisfy in the slightest however, so they immediately go back to hunting.

“Her heart beat faster and faster. It was as if the ocean itself sent demons to take her very soul.” Sakura muses to herself, finding inspirational spark already in her journey.

Fluffybeard scratches at KG’s insides. These things look hungry and he wants them to go away. KG gives him a nod of understanding, but mistakes the cat’s intention to be that of friendliness. “Hmm, maybe they can be reasoned with?”

“Hello! Would you like to be friends?” He asks the group, who seem to eyeball him suspiciously. Robots don’t smell like food though, so after a brief moment he’s ignored again. “I give great hugs!” He opens his arms and approaches one sniffing the ground.

He snatches one up and gives it an inescapable embrace, causing it to panic in confusion because what it thought was a rock, now has it grabbed like an octopus. “Don’t struggle! It’s not a real hug unless it lasts ten seconds!” Below deck, Beta asks who the hell taught him such awkward social etiquette, but fingers fire randomly as blame gets passed around.

As the other lizards start to become aggressive, KG tells them to wait their turn. He has enough hugs for everyone, “This was such a good plan! I’m making so many friends!” Fluffybeard, on the other hand, tries to divert their attention by pressing his num nums button, causing kibble to pour out onto the floor, “You like num nums just as much as hugs huh? You’re just like Fluffy!”

“Would you like to meet him?” He asks much to the terror of his pet, “Come on out Fluffy. You’ve got new friends!” The cat slinks into the back reaches of his compartment, “Mew!” He tries to express his feelings of unfriendliness when a lizard pounces on KG and tries to snap at his tiny charge, snarling and ripping at the robot at the same time.

“Hey! Don’t you bite Fluffy!” A red flashing light emerges from his head accompanied with a blaring siren. KG’s eyes turn deep crimson and he closes the compartment. These creatures must be taught a lesson. Suddenly a freezing fog vents from his chest and he grabs the hilt of his sword, “Booming Frostblade!”

With a single swipe of his sword the three hundred sixty degree arc cuts into each lizard and sends them tumbling backwards, half encased in ice and rooted to the spot. “I thought we were friends!” He says as he sheathes his sword once more. He even wipes an invisible tear from his face plate.

With their aggression now in full tilt, acid begins to drip from their mouths and each droplet sizzles when it touches the floorboards. Knowing they’re most likely prepping to spit acid, he springs into a mighty leap backwards, “Lightning hook!” He calls out in the air, snatching one up with powerful static electricity and using its body to block the incoming barrage. Unfortunately, the lizard’s scales prevented any harm from its brethren’s attacks, so he releases it from his grip and punts it away before spinning back behind some crates.

He thought he was relatively safe on the upper aft deck, but a rain of acidic spittle showers the area and one catches him on the shoulder, burning through an armor plate within seconds. Soon after, one breaks free and rushes up the stairs. It jumps on top of a crate to see KG taking cover, but as its jaws come down on the robot, it is seized by the neck and hoisted off its feet. Soon after he hurls it like a flying bowling ball into its still immobilized allies.

When another climbs the staircase, its struck by KG’s Noro Noro beam. The beast’s movements start to slow to a crawl as he calls out, “Hey guys! We just passed through the last of the Ocean Swamp. Air looks to be clear now!” He fends off a flank attack with his thunderous blade, then rushes when the previously beamed one started to gather up an acidic mouthful. He swats the poisonous ball out of the air as it crawls towards him, following through the attack with a surging uppercut to its jaws.

Magnus is the first to emerge from below, deploying several weapons that begin to float in the air. He charges into the fray, slicing one down with a sweeping cut of his scalpel. When another jumps at him from behind, a fin funnel zaps it causing it to collapse from a lack of strength and tumble to the floor. It doesn’t take long for it to get back up and dash straight for him, but its teeth find only air when Magnus springs back on his oversize surgical instrument to a defensive position atop it.

Kydd’s second to show up, throwing a dagger from the shadows into the neck of one of the creatures. It snarls, barely phased by the attack, but when it steps forward the potent toxin he coated the blade with seizes its muscles tight and ends it. The chef finally makes his presence fully known when he leaps out of the darkness and forms a metallic garrote around a wounded lizard’s neck. This one doesn’t even get the chance to struggle before he pulls the wires tight.

The horde of creatures keep coming though, prompting KG take higher ground. He bounds from the roof of the captain’s chambers and sinks his metallic fingers into the mast. When one of the creatures he was fighting attempts to do the same, he snatches it out of the air, “Lightning Hook!” and throws it against the floorboards below.

Meanwhile, Sakura becomes cornered by several creatures below deck. They encircle her and size up their next meal. Just as she comes to believe her journey to sea was an unfortunate and short one, the creatures fall back and scramble away. Davy then hands her an eleven foot pole with a sock on the end of it. “This should keep you safe.” He says with a rather nasal tone thanks to the clothespin on his nose, “I’m going to find Beta.”

Back topside, the crew cleans up most of the smaller lizards when the larger ones began to mobilize. They were at least three times the smaller ones and ten times as mean in a fight. The first one charged Magnus, but met with a spinning scalpel and fin funnel that blasts it back out of biting range with a burst of air.

As they become swamped, KG asks where Bubba was during this encounter. Nobody else knew, but Bubba was hiding below deck, making sure his junk was secure before sneaking through the second level. The monsters didn’t seem to track him, in fact, they probably avoided him since they weren’t carrion eaters.

Beta had been running and gunning from the creatures ever since they infiltrated the bottom decks, but finally ran out of space to retreat. “Jeez you’re all such persistent bastards.” Then she sniffs the air, “Huh?” Davy bursts from the kitchen, a bag of juicy leftovers in hand, and curiously in his normal human form. “Beta get down!” He shouts, tossing the bag into the middle of the room and jumping over her small barricade. As he brings her head down, “Super, Nova!” Suddenly the bag explodes with an intense white light that pulls the lizards into nothingness with its aftermath. “Now lets get topside, Sakura should have driven the rest of the lizards out of these hallways. As you can see, I tend to lose my powers if I use them inside.”

Returning to the fighting above deck is a scene where Kydd grabs a lizard with metallic strings and crushes it. He roars in triumph, but finds one of the largest foes closing its acidic maw on his arm. KG extends his arm and charges his Lightning Hook. He had been pulling monsters from below and sending them back down with a solid haymaker. This time however, he aimed a little too close and electricity finds the metal metal fruit user to be a much easier target. As Kydd shakes the smoke from his head, the robot asks, “Hi Kydd! What are you doing up here? Ah! Magnus watch out!”

The robot’s eyes flash for a moment, “Teleport lock successful.” When the bigger creature diverts its attention to Magnus, it finds itself suspended in the air thirty feet above. Then a heavy robot tackles it, a sonic charge ready in his sword, “Booming Blade!” As they crash together, he stabs it in the chest with his sword and the resulting landing explodes like thunder when the sonic field surrounding them cracks open.

Seeing the final batch of monsters driven from below by a sock on a stick, Magnus bursts open his lab coat and his muscles get ripped. “Overdrive!” He then holds his hands up to the sky and transfers strength to the fin funnels, making it rain explosive fireballs on the area, “Meteor Shower!” Putting every ounce of strength into this nova attack, his bag turns leopard print, “Demon spore: Leopard Zoan!” and he charges a bigger reptile with a flurry of scalpel swings, finishing the attack with a fin funnel blast that knocks it flat on the ground.

When it starts to recover, Kydd narrows his vision and focuses on finishing it off. Never one to stand outside the fire, Kydd runs down the mast into the inferno and emerges from the other side, his entire body burning red hot. A trail of fire is left behind as he dashes past the larger foe in an instant. When his hand returns from bladed form it erupts into flames and burns away into ashes. KG just remarks, “Damn son!”

As the final wave closes in on their target Kydd finds himself surrounded, but when one of the behemoths attempts to cleave him to pieces, its claws find only wood. Before it could figure out what happened, Kydd’s already riding its back and clinging to dear life with metal wires wrapped around its neck.

A smaller one jumps at rider, attempting to dismount him. The robot wasn’t going to have any of that however, drop kicking it as he comes swinging in on the ship’s rigging. When the rest pounce onto him, their teeth and acidic bites are turned away by diamond plates. Then they go soaring off by a strong air blast from Magnus’s arm cannons.

As Kydd continues his stranglehold on one of the biggest lizards, he misdirects its aggression and makes it fight alongside the others. Together, all four clear out the rest of the smaller ones, leaving only the two giants left to deal with. The behemoth just seems to shrug off their attacks though, and it pins Magnus down with a heavy claw. However, as it jaws come down to deal a finishing blow, “Ker-shink!” The ballista is fired.

It was the most effective piece of ammunition Bubba could find: Sakura’s 11 foot stick with a dirty laundry arrowhead. The shot was clean (okay, maybe not clean in that sense) and true, finding a path directly into the creature’s mouth. Then the creature turns a sickly shade of purple, green, and pink polka dots. Finally, it squirms away to try and find the ocean’s waters of safety. It wasn’t hungry anymore, not in the slightest.

When the creature makes it to the edge though, an x shaped scar of energy crosses its neck, “Heaven’s, Blades!” Davy appears on its back, his form coming into view like a reverse mirage, and his twin swords of starlight and electricity in hand. The creature’s head rolls overboard and the captain turns to calls out, “Why are you still playing with that thing Kydd?”

“This drake is now my pet!” The first mate replies, riding its back like a cowboy. Bubba is the first to point out, “No pets remember? Captain’s orders.” In a rage it charges Magnus, who seems ready for an attack this time. His eye makes direct gaze with the creature and he forces it to sit and stay silent for now.

Davy cautions, “It’ll probably eat as much as you Kydd. I’d estimate even all these dead sea spawn things would be devoured by the time we reach the next island.”

Kydd proposes a solution, “We could let it swim and catch its own food.”

However, Davy shakes his head in disagreement. “We can’t do that for the calm belt. Those real sea kings have to overlook us and having it swim around would only act as bait that would get our whole ship swallowed. That also means no fishing…” The captain sighs in depression as his favorite past-time gets forbidden. “You can keep it if you like, but it’ll take some time to fully train. And… it’ll get bigger… much bigger. However, I’m sure it could have uses.”

“I’m not cleaning up after it.” Bubba remarks, “It’s not the nature of the job, its the size of the workload that bothers me.”

The young silver haired man looks confidently at his captain, “I’ll take charge of it.”

With teary eyes, Sakura narrates, “The young man wishes to care for his new found partner, taming it with love and friendship. There was no heart his kindness couldn’t reach!”

Bubba just shakes his head, “Don’t encourage him.”

Beta doesn’t like the big lizard, but whatever these guys set their minds to, can be done in time. “We’re gonna need a bigger fridge. At least it’s still just a child. I’m sure it can be tamed eventually. It’s the older ones that are untrainable.”

Magnus adds, “We’ll also need a bigger poop cleaner. Hmmm, I wonder if can outfit it with these other guys spit glands. How’s about letting me experiment a little on it?”

Bubba looks at Sakura, “Hey here’s an idea! Let the journalist clean up its poop she needs a job on the ship anyways.” Davy Jones notes that would be an excellent idea, but Kydd has already claimed full responsibility for the thing.

Then the first mate volunteers for more duties, “I’ll take charge of training Mrs. Mason as well, on how to adjust to life with pirates.” She blushes a little and politely requests that everyone just call her Sakura.

Beta’s keen eyes peer off into the distance, “Better put it below deck soon. I spy ships on the horizon. Don’t think they’ve noticed us yet.”



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