One Piece: Legends

Episode 14: Star Island Ahoy

“Looks like a Marine Convoy. I see several cargo ships with an armed escort.” Beta reports.

The crew seems itching for their cargo, but Davy declines the notion. “They have an advantage at range because of their number of cannons. Fighting more than a single Battleship on open seas would be suicide. We should avoid them for now.”

“Maybe when we’re docked, we can steal supplies?” Kydd suggests.

Davy nods, “Are they headed in the same direction as us Beta?” She confirms and the captain eases back the throttle for the paddle system to drop out of possible detection range. Davy stares into the sky for a moment with spaced out look on his face, “I’ll steer us around to the other side of the island. It should be safe to dock there. If my information is correct, the Log Pose should take three days to reset.” He holds out a strange globe with a compass needle floating inside.

He continues the explanation for the crew members that never been to the Grand Line, “These things, Log Poses, are the only way to properly navigate the Grand Line. Every time we reach an island, we have to wait for it to attune. After that time, it will point towards the next island.” Bubba says that it sounds like magic, but Davy reassures him that it’s just special magnets.

The Jellyfish Captain smiles at little bit, the prospect of adventure and exploration certainly pleases him, “I do want to organize a scouting team for this island. I don’t recall an island within the Calm Belt at this location.”

Kydd asks with a hopeful ring to his voice, “Could it be Amazon Lily?”

Davy shakes his head, “We’re far off from Amazon Lily, so don’t get your hopes up.” He looks down at the Log Pose, “And we aren’t even in the Grand Line yet, these devices aren’t supposed to point to islands in the Calm Belt or even man made islands. I’m sure I’ll know more when we see it though.”

Bubba moves to the front of the ship waiting for signs of the island, the thought of treasure and mountains of junk on his mind. Actually, each of the crew is stoked in spirits. The possibility of finally landing a big haul or exploring a strange new island ignited the explorer’s fire within them.

“We’ll split into different parties for scouting and duties. I’ll take Magnus and Bubba for some sight seeing. Kydd, KG, and Sakura will form the other group. Magnus, I’ll need you to pick up medical supplies, and… if you can handle interacting with the locals discreetly,” Davy points directly at Magnus, “And by discreetly I don’t mean stealthy kidnappings, I’m fine with whatever else you do.”

“Kidnappings? I only want Devil Fruit users.” Magnus protests, already conniving ways to kidnap them, “Besides, my face isn’t on the wanted list.”

Sakura holds up a finger to point out, “The bag is certainly suspicious though.”

“Suspicious? It’s the perfect fashion accessory!” The mad doctor exclaims, “Hmm… maybe I should make Kydd fly to get a better scouting advantage. That wouldn’t be suspicious right?”

Kydd shakes his head, “I’d say that would be very suspicious.”

After a few hours taken from the detour, Star Island comes into view. It’s quite beautiful much to everyone’s surprise. The beaches are cloud white, while lush jungles surrounding an ivory desert also decorate the landscape. Oddly enough though, the land remains white even in the desert. Every inch of soil is white, not a speck of mud, dirt, or sand. At the center of the island however, one can clearly see a giant, partially constructed metallic sphere floating ominously.

Magnus and Bubba ask in unison, “Cap’n, think we can steal that?”

Davy Jones stares curiously at it, “I’ve no idea… but judging from its construction, I’d say those convoys were loaded with building supplies for it.”

Kydd’s hand forms a fist, knowing this may be one hell of a fight, “Well, whatever it is… it would probably be advantageous for us to bring its construction to a stop.”

Davy Jones strains his memory for a second, trying to remember that which had happened so long ago, “I hope that’s not what I think it is. During the last great war, there were a number of great and terrible weapons constructed. It bears an odd resemblance to the Uranu, an ancient Skypean war machine.”

Magnus places a hand to his chin, “Sounds like an even better reason to steal it! Or, ya know, at least steal its technology and destroy it.”

Kydd turns back to Davy, “But no one can read Void Century Poneglyphs. How are they able to construct something like that?”

“Hmm? Poneglpyh? You mean the old language died out?” Davy asks. For something like his own language to disappear, dramatic changes must have occurred while he fished away inside that Goldfish for the past thousand years. “Either way, information on what they’re building should be our top priority. Prepare to set out! We’ll be dropping anchor here.”

The crew mans the lifeboats and Beta lowers them into the waters. She had been appointed the job of cleaning and guarding the ship until everyone returns. Sometimes having great eyes turns out to be a disadvantage it seems.

The crew happily disembark upon reaching the shoreline, but their captain’s the last one to step off. He hates land, but finally musters up the will to plant a boot into the sand, but as soon as he does a loud grumble shakes the island and notifies him: they are not welcome.



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