One Piece: Legends

Episode 15: "Stick"ing Together

“Put your boots back on! You’re making it mad!” Bubba says.

“I HAVE boots on. If anyone could anger an island that way, it’d be you.” Davy replies, “Anyways, it’s over now so we should continue.” He looks around and finds a bit of flotsam. “AH HAAA!” He suddenly drives a stick into the ground, “The town’s over… that way!” As he points towards the direction of the town he looks back to the other members of his crew, “We’ll meet up in one hour and then proceed to the device. If that plan falls through, just try not to die. Remember to pick up some food for the ship Kydd.”

Kydd checks his pockets, “I may find more food in town, but Jungle food is always free!”

“Bubba you should go check for any useful items in…” Davy pauses, just noticing the absence of his ship’s handyman, “He’s already gone. Does he even know where the town is located?” He shrugs, looking around for Magnus. Also gone. A deep sigh later, he tightens up his boots and sets out.

As Davy Jones finally departs towards what he strongly believes is the town, Sakura gives a happy smile to her comrades, “I guess I’m with the Metal Team!” KG and Kydd give her a thumbs up, proceeding as a group into the forest after she awkwardly returns the gesture.

What they thought was a village, turns out to be more of a small outpost where the sound of swords clashing and manly grunting fill the air. Despite the militaristic feel though, beautiful gardens and waterways bring life to the tiny enclave, whereas several expertly crafted sculptures create a feeling of majesty. Soon enough though, a patrolman yells at a nearby dumpster while Magnus and Davy stand nearby, “Come out of there now! Your kind isn’t allowed on these grounds unless given permission by the border guards!”

“How did you ever discover us? Was it Bubba’s scent?!?” Magnus replies innocently, discreetly hiding his kidnapping equipment behind his back.

“Actually yes. We thought it was the desert creatures coming back or another assault…” They reply, a look of disbelief in their eyes when the crew hobo pokes his head out from the dumpster. “But it looks like we were wrong.”

“He will assault your nose. That’s for certain.” Magnus says, his easy going nature putting the guards at ease. They lower their guard as Bubba climbs out with a sack full of recyclables. He curiously asks, “So what is this place?”

“This is a training facility for the Midisporian Knights.” The guard explains, prompting a puzzled look from the two.

“Never heard of you.” Bubba remarks, not impressed in the slightest.

The guard beckons, “That’s not surprising. Our island is a well kept secret… Follow me. I’ll give you the tour. Our paintings and statues capture the history of our island marvelously.” Davy nods and follows for the history lesson, but quietly tells the others to be cautious and alert.

“We owe our prosperity to our two founding fathers, Shiki and Enel.” His open palm gestures towards a tall statue of a man with a lion like mane of hair, standing on swords for legs. His other hand draws attention to a younger looking man with long earlobes and a bandana.

“Our father Shiki gave us the first form, Armament, and his descendants all possess the ability to move objects by following the way of Clarity.”

Magnus ponders giving KG sword legs, but moves on to his next observation, “Move objects? Can’t anyone do that? I mean just pick it up, and throw it or carry it over.”

“Haha, perhaps. However, through peace we can attain the ability to do so without even being close to the object.” The guide explains, closing his eyes and concentrating for a moment. Soon after, the rocks scattered about the field levitate into the air and arrange themselves in a much more artistic pattern.

Magnus, however, walks over and blast the rocks with his arm cannons, “So, like this?”

The guide sighs heavily, such a crude bunch, “No no no. That’s dial technology, we don’t use that here aside from the heat swords.”

This prompts a barrage of questions. Davy asks about the heat swords and dial technology, while Magnus asks if it would be possible to make heat scalpels. Bubba’s questions though, are directed towards the giant object at the center of the island. The guard looks overwhelmed for a moment, but tries his best to answer their questions, his eyes making sure reinforcements have begun their encirclement.

“Yes, after our drop from the heavens, our cloud dials couldn’t take the atmospheric pressure here at sea level.” He explains, “However, we’ve grown rather advanced with our Light Dials. These are just one product of our dials.” He holds out a blade-less hilt and presses a button to make a three foot solidified beam emerge, "Also commonly referred to as Solar Dials, because many collect the sun’s energy.

Magnus lectures further, “Dials are a sort of technology that stores a specific type of energy. All the wind that blows through these dials on my arm, accumulate over time, and then get unleashed in a blast of heavy air.”

Bubba turns towards the ominous floating sphere, “And what’s that?” Davy adds, “And who built it?”

“Ah, that’s the Oran-Two. It’s quite advanced you see, built by our top scientist, Steale. I’m afraid I don’t have anymore information than that. We’re merely the Police force of this island. However, getting through the desert would be your greatest obstacle. It’s quite dangerous. You’re better off sailing around and docking at the World Government port.” He says with narrowed and suspicious eyes.

“Continue the history lesson if you please.” Davy prompts.

“Ah yes yes yes.” Now the guide motions towards the statue of the younger man, “This next statue is of Enel, our most recent founder. He was the one who gave us the way of Clarity. Those with his bloodline excel in the ways of Mantra and channel electricity.” He beckons the group to follow him towards two more statues, “And these two statues are of the current heads of the Council, Ferris and Eli. Each is an S class ranked member of the Armament and Mantra disciplines.”

“S Class?” Magnus asks curiously, somewhat curious about the science behind all this. The guide nods, explaining that Knights are ranked according to their respective power level. The S class is reserved for the highest spore counted individuals who have mastered their potential.

Magnus and Davy look at Bubba when fungus is mentioned, “Spore count?”

Bubba happily explains his thoughts, “You know these things on my back.” Then, he quickly removes his shirt, causing Davy and Magnus to blind themselves from the horror. Although a little sickened, the guide corrects them, “The scientist Steale discovered the reason for Knight powers are connected with the local fungi, Midispores.” After another puzzled look from the crew, “Yes, tiny fungi take up residence within every living thing on this island. They are usually transmitted through the food cycle. Don’t worry though, they’re rather harmless to outsiders.”

Magnus ponders over the guide’s choice of words, “Can anyone absorb these spores? And do you mean to imply that they aren’t harmless to the local inhabitants?”

“Any can indeed, but they only seem to affect the humans that live on this island. No outsiders before have ever had the Midi-fever, but it can be quite deadly though if you don’t possess a strong enough fortitude. However, we train our children from birth to be warriors, so that when the sickness does take hold, the poison produced by the spores within their system does not kill them.”

“Has there ever been other powers reported by these things?” Magnus inquires.

“No other abilities have been observed for a very long time. Though, our oldest texts state that there used to be all kinds of spore powers and all creatures on this island had the potential to awaken. I’d assume the first step towards it would be a devil fruit user in your lineage, but the further the parent, the thinner his blood becomes it seems.”



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