One Piece: Legends

Episode 9: Davy Unleashed

Davy snaps his fingers the ice surrounding Ironjaw explodes likes a hurricane of glass shards in a blender. KG stands up and sheathes his flickering sword, now running low on energy. As the hinges clasp back together, he finishes the violent storm when he says, “Echoing Finish.” causing his Booming Elbow’s entrapment to implode its sound barrier in a thunderous rush.

As glittering dust of frost falls down on the area, the Jellyfish pirates ready themselves for Round Two of the conflict. Even Kydd climbs out of the rubble that was once a mast and lurches forward to the front lines, looking the worst for wear. Which is saying something considering he’s standing beside a banged up and falling apart KG. Magnus spins his scalpel and readies it on his shoulder and down his arm, while his other is poised to fire. KG barely notices several plates had been re-attached and bolts refitted within that instant the doctor twirled his weapon about. “I didn’t know you could do that.”

“Of course I can. I’m a Super Genius.”

Ironjaw emerges from the cloud, the final bits of ice falling from his beard and arms. Even that attack seemed to barely phase him. Davy decides to take it up one more notch, “Heaven’s, Blades!” In his right hand, a blade of pure sparkling starlight forms. In his left hand, a blade of almost blinding electricity and lightning. They stare each other down for but a moment that feels like eternity. The tension in the air rises to a climax when a sudden noise begins the battle.

“Ker-shuck!” Bubba’s ballista, now out of bolts, fires a fallen marine through the air and Ironjaw backhands the body out of his way. The Zoan smirks, “I’ve still got one shot left…”

They collide in the center of the ship, Ironjaw moving with blinding speed as he keeps up not only with Magnus, Kydd, and KG’s weaponry, but the dual blades of Davy as well. When the Starshadow blade nearly takes his arm off, he notes that one false move against this foe could spell the end of the battle. Nevertheless, he manages to bring a flying knee into KG’s chest, sending him tumbling away.

The robot throws his blade, which cuts through the air like a boomerang. Sparks fly as it smashes against his target’s trademark iron jaw, returning to him as he finishes climbing the only standing mast left of the Marine battleship.

“Bring it!” Magnus shouts, attempting to lure Ironjaw into a trap.

He takes the bait and somersaults over Davy’s blades, landing in front of the bag-headed scientist and swinging his arm for a wide hay maker. However, Magnus falls out of the way by planting his scalpel into the ground and bending it backwards, springing back into the enemy’s face for a counter attack. “Why are you hitting yourself?”

“Huh?” Ironjaw’s fist comes straight up and into his own chin, causing him to stagger backwards, “You little brat! I thought I recognized your voice. Once I tell your father you’ve been playing pirate, you’ll be sorry!”

Bubba shouts, “You just now recognized him? I thought the paper bag would be a dead give away.”

“He didn’t always wear that.”

Magnus scoffs, “At least your usefulness didn’t change. Besides… it’s too late for me to go back to a normal life! It’s been two days since I brushed my teeth!” He repels back Ironjaw from atop his scalpel perch, by once more making him uppercut himself, “Just wait! After we knock you out, I’ll hide your keys beneath the cushions of your upholstered furniture, and NEVERMORE will you be able to find socks that match!"

KG’s boomerang sword knocks him further back as Davy rushes in. Ironjaw rips apart some of the deck and hurls it at where the robot is sniping from, missing when his target drops from the crow’s nest to some wreckage below. He throws a heavy right hook as the child-looking threat approaches, but the miniaturized captain power-slides under the cyborg’s swing, slicing two large gashes into his legs that explode from damaged machinery as he passes underneath. Davy turns and places his hand on the ground, creating a pentagram of fire on the ground, “Infernal, Flames!” erupting like a small volcano that engulfs his opponent in fire.

Bubba pulls a string attached to the trigger, finally seeing his chance. The siege weapon launches him at break neck speed towards Ironjaw. His chest orb glows with green energy as the feels empowered by an ancient handyman guiding his arm, “Mexican, Dumptruck!!!” Building, fixing, or destroying, he is the master of man-made machinery.

As the fires die out, Bubba’s fist strikes the center of his chest and bolts fly out from his body in all directions. He pulls a full 360 degree spin, bringing his hammer straight into the cyborg’s groin. As Ironjaw’s eyes pop out of head, he can only watch as the Handyman continues his work. A rush of wind passes by as Bubba hovers in the air on insect wings to meet his prey. All four of the plumber’s appendages smash the cyborg’s back, sending plates scattering everywhere. After he craters into the floorboards, Bubba finishes the attack with a heel drop directly onto Ironjaw’s skull.

The captain plants both of his hands on the ground and rises to his feet, throwing Bubba back and roaring at the sky as pieces continue to fall off. Then Davy casually strolls forward, gathering starlight and lightning into each hand, “Heaven’s Blades!” In a single motion the stunned brute loses control of his arms as they fall to ground like two anvil’s dropping. As daylight breaks and Davy changes back to his bandaged form, he looks at his crew member that had suffered the most, “Finish this Kydd.”

The silver haired first mate blinks his eyes, straightening his mind from an almost unconscious fighting state to a moment of crystal clarity. “Adonis’s…” He takes the form of a metal hero, with a wide chest, flowing long hair, and large manly chin, “Fist of Love!” The final punch sends the loosened pieces scattering everywhere and Ironjaw rolling away from the wreckage.

Wait… what?

“Grahahahaha!” Laughs a three foot tall little man, “I’m a cyborg that was piloting a suit of armor that was piloting ANOTHER suit of armor! You’ll never defeat me!”

Magnus walks over, “Eyebeam.” A short zap later, Ironjaw lay knocked out on the floor, defeated.

KG asks, “Can we keep him Captain?”

Davy raises an eyebrow and picks the tiny tyrant up by his underwear, “I think we need to relocate first.”

The gaunt doctor is the first one to yell, “Abandon ship!” as the ocean continues to take the last bits of the ship to a watery grave. He quickly jumps onto what one might consider a debris raft and paddles to the shore using his scalpel, Kydd posing in a romantic fashion at the front. On the other hand, already having a sack full of junk packed and unable to swim, Bubba sits down on his siege weapon, looking back at any funny glances, “Water scares me. Okay?” He then fires himself from the ballista to dry land. KG, in no rush, walks back to land along the bottom of the ocean, giving Fluffybeard a scenic view of the fish lurking under the waves. Finally, Davy with the much weaker child sized captain in hand, swims to the beaches and tosses Ironjaw into the center of his encircled team.

After binding him still with rope, they barrage him with questions, many about his armor, where he got it from, how he managed to maintain it, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood, etc.

“I bought it and my augments from the Military. I built up quite a line of credit from the Pirate bounties I turned in, along with their lucrative cargo holds. And it doesn’t work for anyone but me, and now, nobody. You trashed it pretty good. As for the maintenance? I contracted the Handyman guild. I don’t know their names, never bothered to ask, but they’d usually send some blond chick with a bandanna and a large wrench.”

“Sounds like my cousin. Had a gap in her front teeth right?” Bubba remarks.

“Yea. Come to think of it, she did sound rather hillbilly.”

“That gap makes for easy access.”

“That’s your cousin Bubba.” KG interjects.

“Your point is…?” The handyman shrugs.

“Now,” Davy says, “what do you know about what the marines are planning?”

“Grahahaha! I’m not saying a word. Giving up sensitive information like that is akin to treason. And traitors go to Impel Down. No thanks.”

“And who are we going to tell? We’ve got soooo many good Marine friends.” Magnus asks.

“You can still tell us and fly free under my flag.” Davy says emphatically.

“Never. You’re all filthy rotten pirates. I’ve seen what you all do.”

“So somebody’s been spying on me in the shower.” Bubba says.

“Lies!” KG objects, “You’ve never used a shower in your life.”

“Well, I’ve always secretly dreamed in my heart, of being a Pirate.” Ironjaw lies quite obviously.

Davy knows, but the greedy heart of a Pirate does beat within him, even if he chooses to put on a Marine uniform, “Come on. There’s plenty of girls, money, girls, oh I said that already… money.”

Magnus notes, “Why don’t we just give him to the ants? Or let him take a swim, I’m sure all the mods in his body will make him swim like a fish.”

Bubba adds, “Or perhaps let me use him for spare parts?”

Sweat rolls down the captive’s brow, “This island’s already under the World Government’s rule. Get rid of me and they’ll just replace me with someone else. I’d rather not have a bounty on my head… but hmm… I’ve got an even better solution for you Davy.”

“Speak.” The pirate captain commands.

“If you let me live, that means I’ll still be the one in charge of this area. That means, they’ll be sending me a new boat in about a week. You can talk with the ants about restoring this old gal you broke apart before they get here. I’ll write it off as destroyed and you’ll have a new ship on your hands.”

Davy thinks for a moment, he did need a ship capable of sailing the Calm Belt. Magnus, as if to read his mind, says “A paddle boat equipped with a sea stone underbelly could prove very use. They’re camouflaged against the sea kings and much less likely to be attacked. It would also allow us to avoid any Marines that may be waiting for us, as well as let us escape the Grand Line when needed Captain.”

Bubba pulls out the winged ant from his over-sized sack of junk, “Think you guys can lend us a hand with repairing that wreckage we just escaped from? I think we’re in a good position to negotiate a Union contract.” After it nods yes, Bubba tries to stuff it back into his sack, but it struggles and eventually escapes him. He waves goodbye to it and shouts, “Alright, tell the Queen to expect us!”

Kydd adds, “And tell her to prepare a LOT of meat!” His stomach was growling fiercely. All that torture and fighting can really work up a man’s appetite.

Davy looks down at Ironjaw, “Agreed then. You can keep what wealth you’ve earned so far, but in return we get your old ship, restored by the Ants… and they get to form a Union.” He leans in closer and speaks softly, “Also, if you happen to capture more pirates, see about recruiting them for me instead of sending them to Impel Down.”

“Grahahaha!” Ironjaw can’t believe these outlaws let him keep even a penny, “We have a deal then. You know, for pirate scum… you’re alright in my book Davy.”



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