One Piece: Legends

Episode X: Hail to the King

Episode X: Hail to the King

A Quick Prologue:
The Jellyfish Pirates have successfully defeated Don Kreig and crashed the King’s party in an attempt to weaken Fred’s powers. Since the Lord of Nightmares strikes when an island’s morale is at its highest, they had deduced it must have some effect on his powers as well. As Davy retrieved the final pure Sea Stone needed for the Nullification Device, Fred arrived and threw a fit of anger after rendering the revelers into a coma. However, the King also shows up and announces he had just learned of Fred’s plot to control him. With his own time running short, he vowed to force the dream master into performing a cure. As both were foiled in their plans, they settle into a war within the castle walls, and the Jellyfish Crew got caught in the middle of it.
Although fighting three fronts at once (the army, Fred, and the King), the crew pulls off a daring plan to defeat them both at the same time. As a final resort, the two demigod-like creatures unleash all the power they’ve been holding back: Fred’s being the newly acquired dream power of the island inhabitants, and the King’s being his true reality warping techniques that threaten to kill him. They fuse into one colossal monstrosity big enough in size to rival the volcano that rests at the center of the island, while the party thinks about their next move.

Except for those shunted to the extra-dimensional prison, the crew gathers at the center foyer of the castle. Tiamat, seeing the initial battle is won, cracks his knuckles and removes the white gloves on his hands. Revealing skeletal claws instead of flesh, he pierces the containing reality and rips open an escape portal. When everyone spills out, he gazes into the sky and calmly remarks, “That’s a big eyeball.”

“The easier to dissect of course.” Magnus replies, sharpening his scalpel.

“I’ll need a big can of pepper spray first!” Bubba adds.

“Eyeballs are one thing, but those tentacle things? Looks kind of into groping.” Davy remarks. This leads Kydd into protest about how they must defeat it and keep it away from High Schools, which the Captain agrees that it would be like setting his self loose near a middle school. When Magnus questions the Pirate Ninja about what tentacles might be used for, he discreetly reveals knowledge gained through certain adult books he has read.

“Those books are ecchi! You better not have snuck any aboard the ship!” Sakura protests, giving him an angry glare. Kydd shakes his head and comments that it was only for research purposes, but Magnus helps clarify that all such research material is safely stowed away within his pocket space.

“I’m going to poison you Magnus.” Kydd mutters under his breath.

“I prepare an antidote for every meal since Star Island. Nobody should experience a joyful married life strolling down beaches with Bubba twice in their life.” the Doctor replies, sending a memory induced chill down everyone’s back. Well, except for Number 4 and Bubba who are unsurprisingly immune.

“Where’d you even get those books?” the young journalist questions, only getting a slight hint from eyes that point to the ship’s junk collector. “I was wondering who got into my stash!” The Handyman shouts.

Suddenly a pain streaked roar echoes across the island. The central eye begins to open, forming a blazing crimson pupil in its center. The King and Fred may be at odds, but a common purpose units them together in thought and feeling: destruction of the Jellyfish Pirates.

Magnus is the first to respond to it, “Oh would you shut up? We’re having a very important conversation! There’ll be plenty of time for your ass kicking in a few!” Just then however, the Mosquito-Bat named Red flies in to deliver a message and map from Pan Zu, the ship’s navigator, “Marines are coming quicker than I had anticipated. Perhaps they have a new propulsion system? Anyways, moving to this location for pickup. Act quickly.”

As Davy finishes reading the letter, the Abomination begins to rage, firing reality warping beams in random directions. One even strafes half of the castle nearly catching Bubba and leaving nothing but dust in its aftermath. Number 4 rushes over to see if his boss is okay, “Bwaaa! That’s crazy!”

“Go block those things from hitting us Number 4.” Magnus suggests.

“But my body’s so small! And those beams are so big!” The small one protests, but upon seeing a life draining ray coming, he doesn’t hesitate to leap in its way, “I must repent!” Surprisingly, he survives, but still continues to scream like a small child from the attack, “I’m dead! I’m so dead! Uuugh! My chest!”

“Shut up and stop moving,” Tiamat commands, hovering a hand over Number 4’s heart, “That beam would have stopped a normal person’s vitals instantly. You’re lucky to have been resistant.” After a quick slam of his fist, Number 4’s vitals begin working once more, “I’ll begin leading the others back to the ship. With this many wounded, we have to move quickly to make it to the Eternity Rose on time." He commands the ones who can still move to handle stretchers for those still in critical condition. Davy gives him a nod of approval and looks at Magnus, Bubba, and Kydd.

“So Captain,” the paperbag wearing Doctor asks, “time to go play big damn heroes?”
Davy smiles, “I think so.” He asks Sakura for her pen and begins drawing strange symbols on the ground lined with Void century scripture.

“Why does this always happen to us?” Bubba complains, “How do we even kill something that big?” Magnus shrugs, “I’m not sure, but I’m putting all its tentacles in bowls of warm water tonight as it sleeps! And THEN replacing its toothpaste with shaving cream!”

Kydd adds, “I’ll, uh, hide its contact solution…?” This plan of action doesn’t really help soothe the worries of the rest of the crew, “Can they really fight something like that?” Sakura asks Tiamat. To which he smiles and gives her a small nod, “Davy defeated me once. And I was much worse than that floating meatball.”

The four that stay behind give her an overwhelming assurance of confidence as their battle spirits begin to rise to the occasion.

Davy crushes the quill pen in his grip, dripping the last bit of ink and blood onto the ground, “We can, and we will.”

Kydd’s face becomes a giant grin, “Easy peas-y.” Bubba gives a thumbs up, “No job’s too big for me.” Magnus flourishes his seven foot scalpel, “Though in retrospect, I should have went with the large one, but do we have a plan, or am I gonna have to wing it?”

“I have an idea,” Davy comments, “but it’s going to be very draining on me. Bubba. Kydd. I’m going to need both of you to attempt something very dangerous.”

“I’m ready to serve Cap’n.” Kydd instantly volunteers without question.
“As long as it doesn’t get me probed. I’m in.” Bubba agrees.

“What am I supposed to do? Distract it with jokes?” Magnus asks. However, at that time the monster finishes fusing together. Now with the central eye fully formed it gazes down at the Jellyfish pirates with pure hatred burning within. “You,” Magnus points, preparing to use a large amount of Haki, “just made your first-” and without warning, the gaunt scientist falls over devoid of life.

“Magnus!” Sakura yells, rushing over with Tiamat behind her. Davy’s butler looks over the fallen doctor noting, “Very strange. Despite his body being lifeless, I felt no spirit pass on. Where… is he?” He looks up to the Abomination in the sky, trying to get a better feel of the situation, “I believe he’ll come back to us. Sakura, bring his body with us to the ship.” She nods and loads Magnus onto a stretcher.

Davy thanks Tiamat for his assistance and bids him the best of luck. Then, he looks to the others asking if they are ready. Both look as excited as a child waiting for a new episode of cartoons. “Let our powers combine!” Bubba shouts, suddenly sparking to life a circular symbol beneath his feet.

Kydd does some sort of peculiar dance, no real purpose to it, but in his mind its a necessary part. “Fuuusioooooon, HA! Bermuda Triangle, Activate!” His dance ends on the second circle, lighting it up with a green energy.

Davy takes a deep breath, preparing himself mentally for the ritual’s completion. All three of his domains will be pushed to their maximum. He gazes at the three circles on the ground in a last double check. Bubba stands upon the symbol of Shadow. It uses the principal of similarity to share powers between them. Kydd stands upon the symbol of Travel. Through the principal of transference, another layer and link is established. Finally, Davy steps forward and activates the final symbol, Fate. The final layer creates an unbreakable bond of intertwined destinies.

“It’s morphin’ time!” They all shout, apparently the link already bonding together their thoughts. Then Kydd and Davy look at Bubba, who throws his hands up grinning, “I’ve always wanted to say that.” As each put forward an outstretched hand, the Black Spot on their palms begin to gather energy.

From above, the Abomination sees a gathering of lightning and storm. At the center of the magical vortex, a shadowy figure begins to grow. First to the size of a house, then to that of a tower, then to a size large enough its foot crushes the castle. When the vortex violently dissipates, a colossus of hybridized insect, covered in various emblems and streaked with glowing lines of power, bellows. The force knocks over trees and fractures the land with cracks. In its right hand is an over-sized katana, with void script running down the blade, and an edge that burns with an intense shadowy aura. However, what’s barely noticeable, is a small man riding on the right shoulder, keeping the most intense of concentration to tie it all together.

“Better find some toilet paper.” Bubba warns, “Because I’m going to take the biggest dump in history!” They find themselves beset on all sides by the collective dreaming apparitions of the island’s inhabitants. Although each dream demon is half their size, their numbers form a dangerous horde.

The Abomination snarls at the trio, firing a random eye stalk laden with mental energy. However, Kydd slices through the air, his Infinite Edge splitting the beam in half and converging shadows around them like a cloak. As the monster tries to pierce the veil of darkness, a pool of shadows bursts from above.

“Mexican Dump Truck!” Bubba shouts, smashing a mighty fist into the apex of the creature’s skull. Although an invisible barrier intercedes between the fist and monster, it stands no match as Bubba pours his heart and soul into the attack, shattering the wall of force. After it connects, a shock wave of energy sends it crashing towards the ground, but before it hits the dirt, Kydd morphs into a weighted chain and is thrown to wrap around their foe. With another pull Bubba smashes the foe back towards the ground and follows through with blades of wind that explode on the ground sending nearby dream demons scattering. When Kydd morphs back into the over-sized odachi, they finish the combo with a wide slash that rains shuriken everywhere below.

Before the dust clears, a volley of rays parts the cloud and begins the abomination’s counterattack. Bubba gracefully twists through the air to weave through the first barrage, but gets caught by the next when he lands on the ground. Their combined efforts parry and dodge through most of the beams, but Bubba takes a hit to the leg and turns to stone before being buffeted again and again by concussive force.

Davy sees the cracks starting to appear on Bubba’s stone form and notices the dream horde closing in on them. Even the ones thought defeated by the initial attack get back up and charge. He thinks to himself, “It’s main offense is going to be disabling us and then letting the horde pick us apart while we’re helpless. I’ll have to deal with them.”

Suddenly he hears a familiar female voice in his head, “I can sense your intent Davy… don’t do it!” It was the voice of Calypso, his guardian star. Even his guiding star Hadar, interjects with a warning, “It’s much too dangerous. You’ve never been able to close it, that’s why you never used it!”

“We need him, even if its the worst case scenario. I know I can’t close it, but with everyone’s help, there’s a small chance I can. Besides, you know how I am.” Davy responds while searching his memories for a long forgotten ritual.

As he evokes a new emblem, Davy appears within a stone chamber of royal decoration, but without a roof, only a night sky. He looks up at a whirlpool suspended against the wall above the throne, which forms a large tentacled head that speaks to him, “Indeed I do know you. A Jellyfish that never thinks. That’s what I like about you…”

A female knight, clad in plate and wielding a broadsword stands on the left side of the room, “Caiphon! Long time no see!” While a cloaked assassin with a white bone mask, stands to the right, “Looking deadly as ever my Lord!” Davy pays no pleasantries, “There you are.”

Caiphon’s voice echoes like thunder and crashes like the sea, “You’ve invoked the rite… what have you to say me to me after all these years?”

“This Pirate King needs your help in combating the creature’s minions. Devour the dream manifestations, but you are not to destroy this world.” The Captain replies.

“Haaahahahaha!” The room itself shakes with the bellowing laughter, “Open the gate, I’ll devour these dreams first, but it is up to you to close the gate before I proceed with other things. I make no promises otherwise Jellyfish. Do we have a deal?”

Hadar makes a final plea, “Davy, he’ll destroy the whole damn world if you can’t do this.”

The captain hesitates only for a moment to hear the voices of his comrades. Bubba confidently reassures, “Don’t worry, I can fix it.” Kydd bravely notes, “I’ll turn him into Kalamari if he tries.”

“Then I’ll take the risk Caiphon.” Davy brazenly shouts, “Besides, when have I ever been cautious? You won’t have this world, because it’s mine for the taking!” Suddenly from back in the mortal realm, Davy hears, “I’ll kill you monster! You’ve taken everything from me! I will have my vengeance!”

“Hold that thought, I’ll be right back.” Davy snaps back to reality in time to see a monstrous visage of the poacher Bubba defeated twice before charging towards them, while the demon army closes in on all sides like a hungry pack of lions. “Stargate!” the Captain yells, teleporting the three out of danger in just the nick of time. Although the horde had been avoided, the mad poacher closes in. It stretches out a claw and suddenly a thousand phantom soldiers surround and thrust at the petrified Handyman.

Davy calls out to Kydd, “We’ve got to protect him until we can break the stone transmutation!”
“I’m on it Captain!” replies the first mate, turning into a staff that extends into the ground and carries them upwards, out of reach of the conjured army. As they come back down to earth, Kydd strains his imagination as to how he’s going to land a colossal statue safely to the ground.

The scene turns to a bleak laboratory of black and white. At the center, written in the only color visible, red, is the calculations for an experiment upon a whiteboard. “Mistake!” Magnus finishes his sentence, “Eh, where is this?” He approaches the whiteboard, studying it closely.

“Man, these guys are sloppy!” he says before picking up a red marker to correct the calculations. He deduces this was the experiment to give the King amplified powers, but it’s strangely written in a handwriting he doesn’t recognize. Isn’t it supposed to be Oak’s theory? As he approaches the end of the calculation, he wonders why this would even work. It’s all impossible and wrong. “What kind of scientist would do work like this?” He finishes it, capping the marker and placing it back down. “Fixed! Hmm, it should cause a temporary distortion of energy, but nothing permanent or profound.”

Suddenly the whiteboard cracks like glass being hit by a baseball bat. Then it collapses in on itself and sucks Magnus into the void. Afterwards, he breaks away to view the battle through one of the Abomination’s eyes. Seeing the trio falling from the sky he quickly applies the formula to a his fin funnel.

Before hitting the ground, a beam of green light hits Bubba and the stony transformation begins to break free. Gaining sight in a single eye Bubba looks in panic at the ground. He hears Kydd’s determined voice ring clearly, “DON’T GIVE UP! NEVER GIVE UP!” A violent explosion of rocks scatter like leaves in a tornado and Bubba hits the ground as flesh once more. “Did I just get probed?”

The Abomination soon forces shut the eye Magnus was controlling, shunting him back to the recesses of subconscious thought. The other eyes begin their barrage once more and Bubba dives, flips, and parries through them before catching a beam that robs him of vision by turning his eyes into black orbs.

Davy asks Bubba if he’s alright, “Don’t worry. I don’t need those!” His normally slicked back antennae swing forward, granting him vision beyond mere eyesight. He parries off several demon blows and punches a hole through the crowd with a mighty thrust as Kydd assumes the form of a metallic spear.

Its point lances towards their nemesis like a bullet, but crashes against a wall of pure immovable force. Kydd spirals like a drill against it, forcing cracks to appear in the air around the abhorrent fusion. However, the edge itself also begins to break down and the result is a mighty explosion which sends both sides sliding back.

After Bubba clears some space with a flurry of roundhouse kicks and punches, he slashes towards the sky pelting demons out of the air with a burst of shuriken. They then take a stance with Kydd in short sword form, readying a burst of speed for when the barrage of beams come at them once more. When the first ray is fired, they seem to disappear. The telekinetic ray impacts into the ground and flattens trees and hills. As the barrage continues, they almost seem to teleport about the battlefield, but the perceptive eyes of the abomination keep up the Gatling Beam assault.

Now close enough, they dash at such an explosive speed that they break the sound barrier. They come to a sliding halt at the beaches opposite from the side at which they attacked. The barrier protecting the creature suddenly tears for a moment as a thin line slashes across it causing the creature to bleed violently.

As it turns around, several demon hands erupt from the ground beneath them and bind Bubba’s feet. When the abomination turns around to blast them into the ocean, it meets a surge of blinding light. Although unable to move, Bubba holds Kydd up high as a great shield to reflect the sun’s rays and blind the creature for a moment, forcing its eyes shut. “Davy,” they both ask, “Can you get rid of these pests now?”

“Working on it.” the Captain replies, reappearing back within the Celestial court. “You won’t eat this world Caiphon. I’ll stop you before that happens. Now, we have a deal correct?” The disembodied head within the void nods, “You make foolish bargains Jellyfish! Let the world quake with fear at my return!”

Much to each demon’s horror, astral tentacles rise out of the ground and bind their hands and feet. Even the ones holding Bubba’s legs are crushed and pulled into the air dangling like marionettes. “Now open the gate, so that I may feast!” Caiphon demands, his words faintly echoing in the minds of everyone on the island.

However, the poacher’s manifestation managed to escape the tentacles by flying overhead. With both palms forward, he opens a dream portal that causes acid to crash down like a waterfall on the trio. To counter the deadly attack, Kydd encases them inside a sphere which shrinks down to nothing.

Beta wakes up momentarily, seeing the giant monstrosity in the sky. “Must be still asleep, going back to bed. Huh? What the!” She grabs the small medallion Kydd gave her earlier and throws it away in shock. It then forms a bubble which expands to gigantic proportions and then pops to reveal the trio unscathed by acid. Davy stretches out his arm, “Shadow Claws!” and drags the poacher from the sky. In unison, the trio yell, “If you want to get involved with my fight, then make yourself useful!”

Now a chamber filled with machines comes into view for Magnus. The central computers and hardware constantly spark and fizzle, coming to life for brief seconds before dying and going inanimate once more. Magnus claps his hands and giggles like a schoolgirl, “New technology! Experiments! Next will be testing chambers!” He grabs some tools from a nearby bench and fixes the broken machine, noting again, the same oddities.

Certainly Oak’s handiwork, sloppy and prone to explosions, but the marks and writing, again the manuscript is by an unknown hand. As he powers up the machine, a sudden warning plays through the overhead speakers, “Please be advised that a noticeable taste of blood is not part of any test protocol but is an unintended side effect of the Magnus Material Emancipation Grid, which may, in semi-rare cases, emancipate dental fillings, crowns, tooth enamel, and teeth.” Soon after finishing, it explodes, taking him to another view of the battlefield.

To the rest of the crew, the creature seems to look a bit more tired, vomiting some weird paste all over the ground beneath it before an eye stalk bursts from a rather familiar dissection style. As the invisible wall of force cracks and shatters permanently, it rages and fires petrifying eye beams in all directions hoping to catch his internal assailant.

As they strafe in on Bubba, sky blue veins snake cross his body, a trademark of Davy’s moments of great strength. His upper two arms lift the poacher into the air and one more palm strikes him in the gut, sending him flying into the beam’s path. The creature’s momentum stops instantly, falling to the ground and shattering into thousands of pieces.

They begin another dash at the weakened creature. With an outstretched hand Kydd whirls like a helicopter blade to ward off incoming fire, pulling back at the last second when Bubba yells, “Wrath of the Monarch!” Infused with the memories of a thousand martial arts, he begins striking the abomination with a barrage of pokes that impact like a machine gun dead set on overheating the barrel. The final strike sends it flying back into the mountain side, shaking violently as a ringing sound echoes louder and louder. A final swipe of the infinite edge appears succeeded by several shadowy after images, cleaving the rock face like a quartet of chainsaws before resulting in a thunderous explosion.

Still not down for the count, the rock pile burying it begins to stir. Determined to press the advantage, Bubba leaps into the air ready to unleash one of his deadliest techniques, “Wasteland, Apocalypse!” A mighty shout of epic proportions crumbles the stone and the mountain itself seems to whittle into a descending dust cloud before flattening the creature against the earth. Seismic waves of pulsing radiation then continue to press the creature until it the earth sinks into a fiery magma pit. When the technique finishes, the hole erupts into a pillar of molten flame.

As Bubba stands in awe of how powerful the technique was, the magma shifts and is blasted in all directions by a wave of force. The smoldering blisters on the creatures skin begin to fade and it bears vicious fangs at the three. All of sudden, the stalks on his head begin regenerating and some even begin to split into more tentacled eye stalks!

A storm of eye rays fills the air and drives them back. Despite their best efforts to parry and deflect, impact after impact push them into the angry grasp of demons that hold Bubba still. With each blast he loses strength and blood gushes from the Roach Zoanthrope’s mouth. Yet, he stares at the creature defiant, as if such wounds were only tickling him. The creature’s mouth then opens to reveal a new oculus of malevolence, the eye of domination.

Unable to dodge, the beam hits the Handyman right in the forehead. Bubba’s mind then begins to fade and his limbs go limp. He looks at the sword, “Hey Kydd…” With their mind’s linked he turns Kydd into a staff, plunges him into the ground and begins pole dancing.

“Cap’n!” Kydd pleas, “Do something! I’m being violated because Bubba’s being dominated!”

“Open the gate,” Caiphon echoes in Davy’s head, “you sense your friends are in danger right?” Pulling out a dagger, the Pirate Captain pierces his own hand with the entirety of the blade. As he pulls the knife out, he speaks in a long forgotten tongue and the blood that should cover the blade starts to form scripture and runes. When he holds it towards the sky, clouds begin to spiral.

“Caiphon!” Davy shouts, “Devourer of worlds, eternal hunger of the night sky, and king of stars, I invoke our pact and summon you!” He then hurls the dagger into the air, where it plunges into an invisible tear in reality. As a wormhole sucks the blade inside, a bright flash of light engulfs the ritual blade. Soon, a malevolent laughter beyond the terrors of any mortal shake the very core of each demon, but not for long as the astral tentacles that were ensnaring them pull each one into a void. A loud crunching noise is then heard from a place without destination, and the sea to the north begins to spiral into a huge whirlpool five times the size of the island itself.

“I’ve fulfilled my end the of the bargain.” Caiphon growls as a single hand to dwarf even the mightiest of battleships rises out of ocean. “And now… I think I’ll make a light snack of this island…”

Davy reaches out to close the gate, but the constant gyrations and grinding of his compatriot leave little room for anymore concentration. “Argh! I’m gonna slap some sense into ya!” he yells, “Slap of Hadar!” A crimson claw of energy and shadow abruptly backhands Bubba’s cheek, but to no avail. “Argh! Wake the FUCK UP! DOUBLE SLAP OF HADAR!” Davy determinedly shouts, forming two claws that wallop the dominated Plumber’s face in quick succession.

“Huh what? Did I miss something?” Bubba says, “Hey! Who’s the big fish?”
“Next time… I’m castrating you.” Kydd remarks, shifting back into sword form.

Meanwhile, inside of the creature, Magnus walks through a dense fog until he comes across an ivory tower. Swirling mists of chaos surround the building whose inside is filled with various Escher looping staircases that make little sense on how to navigate. Magnus chuckles to himself as he opens the door and stares at the various confusing passageways.

Coming out of a chaotic maze is nothing for all the time Magnus spent navigating the maze in Zelda 1! He enters a doorway and then comes through a signature trapdoor at the top level. “Of course, a little Blanket Abracadabra doesn’t hurt anything either.” Magnus says, reaching into his coat and hitting a button that plays the Discovery tune.

As he enters the top floor, there’s a lab coated figure with grey hair standing at the top, overlooking a portal into the battle, laughing. Suddenly, it all clicks together!

Oak is the source of madness! It all makes sense to Magnus now. Indeed, back when he was first encountered, Magnus noted never hearing of such a professor. In fact, all the mishaps that would have stemmed from his inventions, had not for the doctor interfering, bear the same mark of “This shouldn’t really work.” They’re chaotic. They’re a little unscientific. Even Oak’s capture was because the King senses his location and their link connecting each other. It was all his plot to return to the King and take control of the fusion.

“Oh,” The professor turns and folds his arms, “fancy seeing you here. I guess by now you’ve figured out that I wasn’t real before the explosion and the experiments were all written by the King’s hand, with a little help from me inside his head.”

Magnus flourishes his scalpel, “You act as if you almost expected me, and talk as if I should know the real you. I guess it’s time to dissect you and get to the heart of this matter, yes?” He then chuckles, “Oh, I’m so punny!”

“Just try it son of Vegapunk. This fusion will become perfect with your power added to it! I’ve waited for this for a long time since you first started interfering with all of my devices.”

“So, your incompetent and stupid too.” he says, looking for openings, “I’ll try and fix your brain when I open you up. Though, that maybe beyond the mix of modern science.” He suddenly releases a wave of Haki at the portal, “So just keep your mouth shut and die for me?"

As the creature prepares to fire another ray of domination, its mouth suddenly closes and its eye stalks turn against it with multiple death rays. Pain sears every inch of its being and the trio outside take advantage of the moment of weakness. A swift axe kick bounces it off the ground and an additional over-sized blade of light appears in his left set of arms to compliment the sword of darkness in his right.

Both swords dance with elegance as memories of swordsmanship flow through the normally tool wielding plumber. It drives the beast back and sends a dozen cuts along its body before the Infinite Edge plunges into the central eye to disorient it. However, it looses a horrific roar that knocks them back. He rises into the air, wounds closing and a menacing wave of energy shaking the ground beneath. “Pirates… Peasants… I will not be defeated by the likes of you!”

However, to make matters worse, half of Caiphon appears to be risen from the portal. His truly mighty form is only compounded by the writhing mass of tentacles stretching outwards from his head. Light itself seems to barely escape as shadows pull and wave against his form like the terror itself he evokes. Davy takes the moment where the abomination regenerates to try and close the gate, but color and liveliness fade from his own face more than Caiphon does from reality.

Davy tries once more, clenching his fist with all his might, trying desperately to close the gate, but Caiphon just laughs at him. The Captain shouts in anger, “Don’t look down on me and the Jellyfish Pirates!”

“I told you it was impossible Davy!” Calypso says, “Now that he’s eaten all the dreams of this island, we’re next!” However, Bubba gives the ancient horror the finger and Kydd sharpens his focus on attack. “No we are not!” Davy says, “We can’t defeat him in battle, but give me a hand you two. We WILL send him back.”

Davy channels all his power once more into the union, turning Kydd into an ornate Zweihander that looks heavy enough for all four of Bubba’s arms. “Travel,” Davy thinks to himself, emblazing Kydd like the Starblade he normally wields, “Travel is the governor of gates, even the gate of celestial beings.” Then Bubba’s emblems all begin to glow and sky blue veins weave throughout his body, his eyes alight with the same power. “Shadow,” He continues the thought, “Like affects like. Caiphon and I share a bond… and through my own injury, I shall gain the power needed to do this!”

With one mighty stab, they plunge the blade into the land, channeling combined power into the closing of the gate. “Hold it together Bubba!” Davy yells, tendrils already coming from the ground and sapping his strength.

“You can’t break me!” the monstrous shapeshifter yells, driving the tentacles back into the ground and sucking Caiphon back into the Void. “Aargh! How?” He bellows, then stares at Jellyfish Pirates giving it their all to close the gate, he almost seems pleased, “Lets do dinner again sometime. Haahahaha!”

“When we dine in Hell,” Davy replies, “lets raise a drink!”

As the portal reaching the final moments of closure, a haunting voice runs through the Captain’s head, “And never forget Davy… your soul will one day be devoured by me. I’ve waited over a thousand years, I can wait… another…”

Back at the Celetial court, Hadar and Calypso wipe the sweat from their brow. “Why so much interest in that one Caiphon?” Hadar asks. His female compatriot adds, “Well, other than the fact he’s so dreamy! Yea, why fate a man the world? The deal was broken last time, he doesn’t owe you anything.” Davy on the other hand sneezes and shutters.

“Pay attention Davy,” Bubba says, regaining his second wind, “we’re still dealing with the Eye.”

Meanwhile, Magnus raises a barrier to block a mighty slam. Towering above him is a muscle laden beast with a grey mane and clothed by a tattered lab coat. “Consider yourself lucky.” The doctor praises, “You get to become the first test subject of everything I’ve been holding back. Try not to break too easily.”

“Overdrive Mode!” He shouts, a blast wave of Haki forming a barrier around him and pressing the beast back. “And now… Destruction Mode!” Then the single visible eye of the doctor glows red and a second wave knocks the creature off its feet and sends it tumbling back. The earth beneath cracks and shutters from the intense haki, which forms a giant sphere of visible energy surrounding him. “Now don’t disappoint me.”

Soon, weapons of all sorts begin sprouting from Magnus’s sleeves. “Rail Minigun!” The torrent of gunfire imbued with Haki bullets tears the first form asunder, but it reforms as Fred. “I’ll-” “Singularity Cannon!” He cuts off his enemy’s speech as his next arm produces a scientific weapon that should probably be mounted on a battleship, blasting the enemy to bits with one great beam, but it reforms as the King. “Nev-” “Gravity Ba-bomb!” He then grabs his head and throws it against his opponent’s chest, resulting in an explosion that flattens it in a matter of seconds. “Die!” And then the final form of the giant monstrosity, to which Magnus pauses for a moment.

“Good! Then I’ll have fun taking you apart for all eternity!… ALL THE MISSILES!” He then grabs his shirt and rips open a hole from which dozens and dozens of warheads launch from a pocket space silo. When the devil fruit dimension finally empties itself, all that’s left is a glowing heart floating in space which gently descends into Magnus’s hands. Digging deep into his pockets, almost devoid of anything but lint, he pulls out his true coup de grace: a bottle of Tabasco sauce, extra hot pepper. He throws it at the portal with the last bit of his strength and nails it with an Eyebeam. Then, he collapses to a knee, staring at the only chance of escape he has, trying to convince his legs to move. “Come… on.” He tells himself, seeing the others moving in for the deathblow, “Move it Magnus!”

For just a brief moment, the creature loses consciousness and its red, irritated, watery eyes roll back in their sockets. Then all of a sudden, “Dismantling Dilldozer!” Bubba surprises the creature with a sudden dash, crouched in front of him and wings in full spread. A rising uppercut sends it into the sky and he continues the flurry like a train of fists. A hundred punches pushes the eye tyrant higher and higher, with the final hit striking with such intensity the creature erupts into a green flames. As it comes crashing back down, all his arms grip hold of Kydd the Infinite Edge in Scythe form. The trio shouts in unison, “Junkyard, Execution!” Cleaving through the enemy and severing the abomination’s fusion.

As the two halves come falling down to the earth, Davy breaks the fusion and teleports in front of the King. He’s not sure how this device will work and certainly didn’t want to catch his companions in the blast. “Hope you remember to show some gratitude,” the Jellyfish Captain remarks as he pulls out the Nullification device and aims it directly at the King’s head. Magnus really doesn’t want to stick around for this and engages an override on one of his air cannon dials, blasting the ground in a desperate launch for safety.

“Hail to Davy Fuckin’ Jones… the True King!”



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