The Lord of Nightmares


What is known so far:
After diving into Fred’s subconscious, the reason for his hatred of Pirates is revealed.

“You dare defy the Lord of Nightmares Pirate scum!?! I despise each and every one of you. Following your dreams, grasping for that which lies beyond your reach. The dreams of normal people are simple: a family, a home, and safety. What possesses you to want more than that!?! I am the Pirate’s bane, for I turn the power of dreams against you! I AM YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE!”

Fred has spent almost a millenium wandering through dreams. This has caused his hatred of pirates, for he believes that when the greed of those who wish for too much meet those with smaller dreams, the weakest are crushed. Many years ago, Fred was only a simple farmer. Someone who tended to crops and looked after his family. It was when Pirates came and destroyed it all that he swore vengeance, especially on the one who was to be named Pirate King. “There is only so much space in this world, when you dream big, you crush those who are smaller than yourself. The more you want, the more you’ll take. A pirate’s heart is unforgivable!”

The Nightmare Angel Fruit:
Limitations: Requires sleepers to give the wielder power. Fred has an enormous amount of skill in Conqueror’s Haki, which can cover an entire island and put weaker willed creatures to sleep. However, the Morale of an island is very important towards the end results. During times of great happiness, his powers are magnified several fold.

Abilities: Fred can manifest the subconscious dreams of people into reality, control their unconscious bodies, and even kill those under his spell. His three domains are Hope, Torment, and Creation.



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