Skill Gambits

The Skill Gambit system is meant to be a replacement for the Skill Challenge system, and occasionally quicker combat resolution. As it is now, Challenges are either A: Too Much Preparation, or B: A Boring Series of Rolls. The main draws of this system is: No Prep Work (Just a little imagination on both sides needed), the DM simply calls out the scenario and DC to pass each call, and since it introduces Resource Drain, it means a DM can have meaningful days that aren’t always packed with 3-4 encounters. Sometimes, a single risky Gambit and one Combat Encounter is all you’ll need in a day to sufficiently challenge players.

It’s called a Gambit system because it streamlines what an Encounter should be about: Resource Drain. If there’s no resource drain from a Skill Challenge, it’s not really a “challenge”.

The Steps Towards Gambit Resolution:
1: Ante: All Gambits require the loss of at least one healing surge.
2: Bet: Depends on the Challenge, Easy: No Bet, Medium: 1 Surge, Hard: 2+ Surges
Your bet determines the number of calls, 1 Call Per surge (Minimum 1, Maximum 4)
Alternatively, the DM may set the Bet requirement depending on the task.
Jackpot: The DM can declare one class or person as perfectly suited, doubling his payout.
-A Cleric versus the Undead, Wizard versus Demons, Rogues committing Assassination
3: Calls: Resolve the Skill Tasks assigned by the DM. Tasks are scenarios, not checks.
Each call will have a rising DC of Easy → Medium → Hard → Expert
Spending an Encounter power in this phase may lower the DC. 1 Encounter per Call.
Spending a Daily power in this phase may grant a success (Before Roll) or reroll (After Roll)
The DM makes the final judgement if a Skill/Power is applicable towards the scenario.
4: Payout: You lose all you’ve gambled and possibly more, or win and only lose half of what you gambled (rounded down).
A player who finishes early is not completely excluded from the task. If someone is continuing the Gambit, he can receive aid from one other person if the reinforcement can spend a healing surge, encounter, or daily power. Spending a Healing Surge or Encounter power means that the Assistant must use the same Skill Check, while spending a Daily allows for the character to change the Skill used for the call resolution.

Special Note: Arcana and Religion require a healing surge to use in Skill Gambits. This is because these skills can be used to do just about anything. You can use the forces of magic to move that boulder, or pray for divine might, or just use your raw strength (athletics). Arcana and Religion just require a little more oomph to pull off than a natural push with muscles.

An Example of a Zombie Survival Gambit
An Example of a Combat Gambit
An Example of a One on One Gambit

Skill Gambits

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