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One Piece: Legends is a brand new adventure following the Jellyfish Pirates and their quest for Revolution. Secret organizations, epic battles, and grand adventures are waiting!

Also, as players you are encouraged to always develop your characters further with side stories, journals, or background ideas. These will net rewards later in the campaign through allies, power stunts, special scenes, new items, etc.

Current List of House Rules:
Milestones: Milestones are gained after every encounter after the first. I find this to be simpler and easier.

Rest Change: To more accurately portray extended and short rests within One Piece’s setting, I’ve changed Extended Rests to reflect long periods of medically attended rest. This allows me to not have to cram every day full of combat and keep a decent pace, while players have to deal with the burden of carrying wounds from one combat to the next. There’s no “One Night, You’re All Healed” in One Piece.

Item Dailies can still be recharged through Milestones and standard rests, but those daily class abilities and surges can’t be recovered so easily.

Special Conditions may be present for characters that don’t use natural healing:
Kydd: Incredible healing means that he needs an enormous amount of food (equivalent to what a Dinosaur might eat) to gain the benefits of an extended rest.
KG: His powers require a recharge in the form of Fresh Fluffybeard Fertilizer. However, due to the nature of the Tick Tock fruit, the cat only poops around 10 AM each day.

One Piece: Legends

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